Windsor Locks Police Department reveals New Patch (2013)

The department is preaching “out with the old, in with the new,” as a new patch is just one change in its image overhaul.

The Windsor Locks Police Department revealed its new uniform patch at the police commission’s meeting Wednesday.According to Police Chief Eric Osanitsch, the patch was designed by the officers and the new one, while an update, “still maintains the basic principles of the patch and its colors.””This is quite a change, but I’m pleased with it,” said commission member Ed Lanati, who designed the old patch. “I hate to see the old go, but it’s time for new things… Well done. It’s a nice patch.”The patch’s makeover is a part of a larger image overhaul for the department, said Commission Chairman Kevin Brace, who added that efforts are being made to have the department seen in a new light in the community.In addition to the patch, the department is updating its cruisers and its uniforms.”The cars are more visible,” said Osanitsch, describing a couple of the department’s new cruisers, which say “Police” in large letters around the vehicle’s body.The plan, said Osanitsch, is to makeover the department’s entire fleet to make them uniform when the department’s budget allows.The uniform update, Brace said, will put officers in less casual attire.

wlpd patch


At this time the Windsor Locks Police Department will only accommodate patch requests from other police agencies. All requests must be made in writing on police department letterhead to:

Windsor Locks Police Department
4 Volunteer Drive
Windsor Locks, CT 06096